The world tourism organization defines tourism as the movement of people. According to A. Houlot, the term “tourism” comes from the old Aramaic Tur, which was used for the exploration and movement of people in the Bible.

In 2011, the internationnal tourism receipts was US $1.03 trillion. Even though, many things are still been done by companies, and governments to develop tourism, thus leading in the development of new infracstructures.

Here we are going to see how A.R (Augmented Reality) technology is being used to develop tourism.

First, lets define A.R technology as a concoction of physical world and virtual information, which are broadcasted on real time.

1. Google Earth

Google have its own way to help us travelling around the world, and it’s called Google Earth.

The mission statement of this app is: Explore the world from the palm of your hand. As stated, it can be used as a Tour Guide to explore the world. This app can also show real time earthquackes, planes’ flight, and hiking trains.


Wikitude, developed by Wiki GmBH allows you to capture what your eyes can’t see.

Probably one of the best of its kind. Open your camera, and get all the stores’ name. If you want to feel like

Ironman with his robot-suit, just give a try to this app.


Developed by SONY, INFO – EYE helps you explore the world around you.

This app is only available on SONY’s mobile devices. Snap a picture of a book a wine, or a monument, the app directly provide yoo all the available information. This app is the touristic guide of all SONY lovers.


Quoted on Inamo’s website: “Inamo is a pioneering Oriental fusion restaurant and bar where the control of the dining experience is placed firmly in your hands… At the core of Inamo is our interactive ordering system. Diners place orders from an illustrated food and drinks menu projected on to their table surface.”

The website says it right, just check on, that’s how a restaurant became a touristic landmark by using A.R technology.


Tailored for those visiting Hong Kong.

If you want to go to a local market, or a popular store, it gives you the most accurate information you would need.


Have you ever missed your flight because, you tought it wasn’t your plane which just landed? If yes, Radar Spotter is the app you need. It gives the flight number of a plane when you snap it with your phone’s camera.

7. Google Translate

The last but not the least, a translator: Google Translate. It can translate 90 languages as we expect for a good translator, but guess what, it now have an AR translator.

To use the AR translator, you just need to snap a picture of what you want to translate, and that’s it. It might come handy when you need to translate something but, can’t write it.



By Jean-Louis UM BILONG